Who is this workshop for?

If you want to raise your living standards in career, business, social network, & life, use some master human influence communication & leadership concepts. Entrepreneurs, Coach, Consultants, Professionals, Freelancers & Students

For Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

  • Attract more opportunities at the marketplace

  • Win more deals without being pushy

  • Attract abundance

For Professionals, Solo Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

  • Create more respect and authority at your workplace

  • Level up your influence

  • Build up entrepreneur mindset

  • Develop your personal brand

For Coach & Consultant

  • Show up as an authority to charge premium prices

  • Awareness of high paying clients

  • Reset your mindset to attract success

For Students

  • Become a world-class communicator

  • Awareness about high-income skill

  • Insights to stand out in the marketplace

What you'll learn in this masterclass?

  • How to start your achievers journey?

  • No. 1 secret strategy that separate successful from failure

  • 3 keys to beat fear of failure, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs

  • Proven road-map to choose an achievers path that is full of influence, meaning, and purpose

  • Unleash your inner power to beat procrastination and 10x productivity.

  • 2 factors that are holding you back from achieving an extraordinary career & marriage

  • Become a success magnet that attracts wealth, health, and happiness

  • How to design your dreams to destiny

  • How to get instant change from your current life

  • Importance of investing in self-development know the exciting life journey of ms spoorthi vishwas on how she changed her life from dream 2 destiny!

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6 Hrs High-value Intensive Workshop
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Personal Branding with Spoorthi

Discover the core areas of branding

Steps to become an influencer

What in exactly influencer, What is engagement, How to create impact, and many more

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5 Reasons You Should Attend This Workshop

Ashwini B R

Credit Analyst - Dell International, India's First MC on Wheelchair

Spoorthi gave birth to my passion of becoming Host/MC. Today I own a profile which has recognized me as only MC in India on Wheelchair! She gave me clarity on how to achieve it.

Vidya Manjunath

Founder & Director- Shine Salon & Clothing

Spoorthi identifies our real strength & what we are really capable of. I proudly say she is my mentor because she considers her mentees success is her success! Her energy is tremendously unbeatable and her passion towards growth & success is what we should adopt and give values to her efforts towards our journey.


Co-Founder & Director, Mristra Industries

Best decision of my Life was joining Spoorthi’s Course! 3 months was my life changing period and big transformation from " I can't" state to "I can" and now am ready with all the required skills to start my Entrepreneur Journey. Also helped me to enhance the skills in both Professional and personal life. She will definitely be a shoulder for every woman who wants to achieve big.


Head - TA

Spoorthi has been an amazing professional mentor providing invaluable personal support. During times of uncertainty or set back, she has supported to regain focus and resilience. I am grateful for the opportunities and success that have come my way under your mentorship, for the person I have become because of your mentorship. She has not only shaped my career but also influenced the way I approach challenges, relationship and personal growth.


Spoorthi Vishwas

life coach | MENTOR | entrepreneurfOUNDER - kwaa aWARDS, iwaa aWARDS

She believes -

“If you can imagine it in your mind, you can experience it in your reality”

  • An MBA Graduate

  • Certified ATD trainer

  • Certified ATD trainer

  • Young Achiever Award Winner from Whistle Woods, Mumbai

  • Awarded as 30 women entrepreneurs to watch out in India in 2019 by Ceo Story Magazine

  • Featured as ‘Alpha Female’ by Ritz magazine

this eternal unswerving dreamer has a long trail of achievements and accomplishments!

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Here’s what our Current Students  have to say...

of Students trade successfully*

Dear Dream Big, Your class today was amazing! Your energy and positivity are contagious, and your story inspired me. Thank you for teaching me how to believe in myself, accelerate my mind power, and improve my relationships. You are an outstanding mentor, and I am grateful for taking your self-development course. Keep spreading positivity and love. Thank you!


You are such an inspiration! Not only can you motivate urban people and youngsters, but you are also building up confidence in rural girls and housewives. When I see your live videos, I get an adrenaline rush because I can't believe how selflessly you do it! Nowadays, many coaches create funnels with just some trailer talks and tell people to subscribe for more. But you are selflessly educating all your viewers and followers, which shows what you truly are. I love you loads! (This is not an exaggerated message, I really mean it!)


Hi Spoorthi, Thank you for sharing life-changing knowledge and being an amazing mentor. Your positivity and achievements have inspired me, and I am grateful for the clarity you brought to my goal setting and focus. As a busy parent, I appreciate the online session and the impact it has had on me. Thank you!

Deepika Madhu

Hey Spool! Today's workshop was amazing and has lit up my life in many ways. Your energy is superb, and it electrified me during the session. I am eagerly awaiting the next three days of the workshop with even more energy. You are right, our mind plays a major role in achieving success, and you are a live example of this. Thank you for helping me realize the importance of self-love and inner growth. I love you, my mentor, and can't wait for tomorrow's session!

Aish Navada

Thank you for being a life-changer and incredible inspiration to me. Your first class has already made a significant impact on me, and I am grateful for choosing you as my mentor. I am excited for the next class and appreciate the positivity you radiate in everything you do.


Dear Spoorthi, Thank you for being an amazing mentor, teacher, sister, and friend. Your teachings on conscious and subconscious minds have been life-changing, and I now understand the importance of self-actualization and identifying my passion. Your workshops are worth every bit, and I'm excited for tomorrow's session. You are a true Lady Boss!

Sushma P Gowda

Hey Spoo, Attended your Mind Power workshop today and it was amazing! Always had a feeling that meeting you would change my life, and it did. Found answers to my struggles and learned to control my conscious mind. Grateful for this step towards my goals. Thanks!

Rachana Jain

Your selfless dedication to educating and inspiring rural girls and housewives is truly admirable. Your live videos give me an adrenaline rush and show me what it means to make a real impact. Thank you for your hard work and for being such an inspiration.


Success Story

‘Be Special! Be Real! Be You!’ is her personal mantra.

speak and


Workshop Value = ₹8,500/-

Special Offer : 299/- only

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